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10 Best Amazon Prime Products You Need To Get On Prime Day 2018.

Today is the day. It's Amazon Prime Day 2018! check out these awesome Amazon Prime must-haves to let you live your best life.
UPDATE: #primedayfail - That is all.
Amazon Prime Day 2018 #primedayfail
Amazon Prime Day 2018 Turned Into A Prime Day Fail

Below our some of our FAVORITE products that let us live the James Bond lifestyle. Now, of course, we don't know everything that Prime Day will bring as far as on-sale products, but we do plan on stocking up on these awesome Amazon Prime items today.

1) GoPro Hero6 Black

We've done the research and tested out tons of action cameras - while there are some great contenders to GoPro Hero6, all the other always seem to lack one or two things that GoPro just nails down perfectly. This is the best action camera (in our opinion) in the market today! The price tag is a little steep, but these bad boys last years and have the best photo/video/audio footage we've ever used.

We love it because:
  • It captures super sharp clear images in 4K

  • It shoots 4K video at 60 frames per second (fps) and 1080p Full HD video at 240fps.

  • It has lightning fast WiFi offloading so you can free up your storage quick!

2) Rexing Dual Dash Cam w/ GPS Logger

This the BEST dash cam our agents use - and it is an Amazon Prime Deal for 2018!

We love it because:
  • It captures 1080p HD video @ 30fps with the front camera

  • It also has a rear dash camera that records activity behind your vehicle

  • A built-in GPS logger that allows you to mark time, date, location, and other important information to all of your recordings (As private investigators and executive protection agents, we particularly appreciate this feature)

3) Echo Spot

Echo Spot is an awesome low-cost option to getting your life a little more automated and, of course, it is an essential Amazon Prime Day Deal for 2018. Every morning at our rally, Echo Spot tells us everything we need to know.

We love it because:
  • It tell us the weather (which is crazy important for our professions, by the way)

  • It gives us news alerts with video flash briefings

  • It shows us our calendar

  • It plays us our alarms when its time to start the field-work

  • The agents at the home-base use it to video call the field agents and vice-versa.

We can't recommend this little piece of great tech enough!

4) HD Camera Spy Pen w/ Micro SD Card

Okay so we DO have covert cameras in the guise of everyday items, and these spy pens are not the ones we use, BUT these are pretty good for the purposes of everyday life if you're into covert James Bond type cameras.

We love it because:
  • It films in pretty clear 1080P for such a small inexpensive covert camera

  • It has a micro-SD card so you can store your footage and easily transfer it to your computer.

  • It's awesome and makes you feel like you're in a secret agent movie, amiright?

5) DJI Mavic Pro Drone

We are proud owners and relentless users of our DJI drones. The DJI Mavix Pro is our absolutely FAVORITE drone of all time.

We love it because:
  • Compared to other drones we've used at this price point, the stability is very solid.

  • The video/image quality is extremely clear.

  • It is very quiet compared to other drones (a big plus for covert surveillance).

  • The battery life is AWESOME. We're talking close to a full half-hour, here.

6) X-GEN 2.1x Digital Night Vision Viewer

Our night-vision goggles that we use for our business are military-grade, however, this Night Vision Viewer made by X-Gen has great reviews and great specs!

We love it because:
  • It can view subjects in the dark up to 70 yards away

  • It contains a built-in infrared illuminator

  • The scope is compact and light making it easy to carry and store

7) Elvoes Electronics Organizer Case

This case is awesome and many of our agents have decided to use it for when they're out in the field. Simply stated: this case is low-cost, durable, and stores many of the electronics our agents have in one easy-to-use case.

We love it because:
  • It has perfectly sized compartments for things like phones, tablets, and even a little SD card pocket

  • It is made with thick neoprene sleeves to protect the more fragile items inside

  • It has proven to be extremely durable for all of our agents even with constant use

8) Smart Language Voice Translator with WiFi

Digital translators are becoming a very important device to have as the world continues to become one large melting pot of people from different cultures and backgrounds who all speak different languages. Especially in the U.S., where it's becoming increasingly important to understand basics of other languages, this technology can prove to be extremely helpful.

We love it because:
  • Its accuracy is on-point (at 95%!) and has proven to be an excellent low-cost alternative to digital translators with a higher price point.

  • It utilizes two-way translation, which means it recognizes what you said and speak the translation out loud.

  • It supports 35 languages!

9) Amazon Cloud Cam

We know....ANOTHER camera, but hey, we're protection and investigation agents - cameras are our life. The Amazon Cloud Cam is perfect to use as a security camera and it is available for half-price during Prime Day 2018!

We love it because:
  • It is highly rated and extremely easy-to-use

  • It films 24/7 in Full HD

  • It is motion-sensitive and it will send you alerts if it detects motion.

and last but not least....

10) Lysol Handi-Pack Wipes

THESE. THESE. THESE. During any investigation or protection detail - these bad boys come in handy EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

We love them because:
  • We use them for everything and have used them on pretty much every case.

  • Just get them - you won't regret it.

Happy Amazon Prime Day 2018!



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