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Child Protection

Are you concerned about your children's safety when out in the world without you to protect them? You're not alone. Many of our clients are parents, just like you. Some of our clients are concerned about who their children are hanging out with, others want someone to monitor their children from afar when attending a concert or public event, and some simply want reliable people to ensure their children are safe when out at a movie theater or mall. 


The truth is, your children are of the utmost importance. Taking steps to ensure their safety is not only important but also necessary, especially in the rocky social climate that exists today!


Our Child Protection Team is dedicated to ensuring your children are safe without infringing on their personal space and allowing them their independence. 




Our School Protection Agents are typically hired by schools and/or districts to maintain a presence and keep all students and faculty safe. There is a growing need for armed security staff at schools. Our team will assess and monitor potential threats while also adhering to a comprehensive and strategic safety plan customized for each school and district.​

  • Armed school security​​

  • School threat assessments

  • School safety seminars


Is your child going away on a trip with friends or even for a college project? Are you worried about the safety of your child while they are away from home. You're not alone! Our agents have an extensive history of working with parents and guardians to set up a customized plan for discreet surveillance.

School Protection

Travel Protection

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